UV light

UV light EN 600 NT

The UV light EN 600 NT is a device that applies 3 treatments. The UVE, UVB and HOT therapies offered are based on photobiological autologous blood therapy.
In this technique, blood is drawn from the body. The blood receives a controlled dose of ultraviolet (UV) radiation. This dose increases blood oxygenation and reduces the production of free radicals.
Then, when the blood is reinserted into the patient after receiving UV radiation, the presence of oxygen is greater, which improves circulation, tissue metabolism and the immune response. The number of defense cells is immediately increased to fight infections and detect malignant changes.

The 3 treatments offered by UV light EN 600 NT are the following:
• UVE: activated UV light autohemotherapy (EID). UV-C radiation is used and can be combined with ozone.
• UVB: is the irradiation of the blood with UV light. It is the ideal method to improve circulation and reduce inflammation
• HOT: hematogenous oxidation therapy combines UV radiation with foaming of the blood with oxygen.

Better cardiovascular health

The increased concentration of oxygen in the blood will improve circulation and reduce the possibility of blood clots.

Blocking free radicals

The free radicals that damage body tissues come from oxygen molecules. By stimulating these oxygen molecules with UV radiation, many are prevented from transforming into harmful atoms.

Increased immunity

Autohemotherapy is also known as an autovaccine. The reinserted blood treated with UV light stimulates the formation of more white blood cells that are ready to fight infection and eliminate cells with malignant changes.

Where can you get the therapy with UV light EN 600 NT?

At Long Life Clinic we have the UV light EN 600 NT device to apply any of the 3 UV light therapies. At the initial consultation, Dr. Garant will create a treatment plan specific to your case. The therapy is administered in our cozy and friendly clinic in Marbella. We recommend taking a multi-session approach for maximum benefits.