Want more energy and better health?

Are you suffering with low energy? Do you feel like you have caught every cold and virus doing the rounds this winter?

You could benefit from the Myer´s Cocktail IV Therapy. A high dose of vitamins and minerals which will boost energy and your overall health.

The Myer´s Cocktail has a powerful mix of Vitamin B Complex, Vitamin C, Magnesium, Selenium and Calcium which, when given intravenously, are more easily absorbed by the body to help you achieve full wellbeing.

Does this sound like the solution you need? Contact Long Life Clinic today.

Tiredness fighter

Myers Cocktail therapy has been known to help decrease fatigue and leave you energised.

Balanced health

Benefit from overall wellbeing, thanks to the high dose of vitamins and minerals delivered intravenously.

Mood boost

The Myer´s Cocktail has been reported to improve feelings of depression, anxiety and relieve stress.

Allergy combating

If you suffer from seasonal allergic rhinitis, there is evidence showing the Myer´s Cocktail can lessen symptoms.

Athlete performance

A great solution for athletes desiring peak performance, as the cocktail works to hydrate and refresh the body.

Immune system power

Thanks to the high dose of Vitamin C, the Myer´s cocktail packs powerful antioxidant properties to help the immune system function.

Where can you get the Myer´s Cocktail?

At Long Life Clinic we administer IV drip therapy. During your first appointment, Dr Garant will establish a medication plan to guide and instruct you in the use and application of the Myer´s Cocktail to help you understand its potential and benefits.

The Myer´s Cocktail IV drip is administered at our clinic in central Marbella and takes around 30 minutes. We recommend that the IV drips are given as weekly or monthly treatments to give you the best health boost.


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