Chelation Therapy

Chelation Therapy is most used to eradicate heavy metals from the body and restore blood flow.

Eradicate heavy metals from the body
avoid long term health risks

Our Chelation Therapy IV drip is a modern treatment to boost health and restore blood flow.

Long Life Clinic became a pioneer of Chelation Therapy here in Spain and has generated positive results in several patients. Chelation Therapy involves IV drips of EDTA, an amino acid that binds to heavy metals and minerals in the blood, removing them from the body.

Chelation therapy instead of bypass surgery

Potentially avoid bypass surgery by restoring blood flow, improving the presence of oxygen in the body, and burning body mass.

The Perfect treatment for eye health

Chelation Therapy could be helpful for those suffering from central and acute vision degeneration since a blockage most likely causes it in the choroid capillaries that deliver blood to the macula.

Eradicate heavy metals

Chelation Therapy is most often used to eliminate the accumulation of heavy metals. The EDTA binds to metals and minerals found in the blood so the body can excrete them in urine. EDTA also helps prevent the production of harmful free radicals.

Heart beat
Free clogged arteries

With this therapy, clogged arteries may be released and receive a greater blood flow, giving patients a preventative measure against cardiovascular diseases.

Back ache
Reduce pain and swelling

The EDTA used in Chelation Therapy has been shown to act as an antioxidant, limiting any damage from free radicals. It can have an anti-aging effect and may reduce any inflammation and pain associated with it.

Water drops
Balance high

Chelation Therapy acts as an intravenous cleaning agent, minimising the risk of arterial hypertension.

Where can you get the chelation therapy?

At Long Life Clinic, we administer Chelation IV drip therapy. During your first appointment, Dr. Garant will establish a medication plan to guide and instruct you in the use and application of Chelation Therapy to help you understand the benefits and any side effects to monitor.

The Chelation Therapy IV drip is administered at our clinic in central Marbella and usually takes a couple of hours to administer via a slow drip.