Slow The Aging Process

Plaquex Therapy - Mito Energy

Want to care for your heart, reduce cholesterol, and live longer? Plaquex IV Therapy is a powerful mix of essential phospholipids that help clean arteries.

Want to care for your heart, reduce cholesterol
live longer?

The Plaquex IV Therapy drip is a potent mixture of essential phospholipids made from soy and was developed to help eliminate cholesterol deposits from the arteries and boost circulation. Research has shown this IV therapy has a regenerative and revitalising effect on the body. In animal studies, it extended life span by 36 percent.

Plaquex Therapy is ideal if you have high cholesterol or blood pressure or wish to limit the aging process.

heart servicing
Decrease bad cholesterol

Plaquex Therapy decreases arterial wall plaque deposits, which helps to lower cholesterol.

blood drip
Lower high blood pressure

Plaquex Therapy can improve blood flow and lower high blood pressure by cleaning the arteries.

Boosts renal function

Plaquex Therapy restores cell membrane integrity to clear plaque deposits and aid in the function of the liver and kidneys.

brain cog
Improve memory function

Patients have noticed improvements in memory and mental function.

Anti ageing

Cell aging is slowed, nourishment can be provided to the cells, and normal cell function returned.

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Improves sexual potency

Patients suffering sexual impotence due to poor blood circulation have experienced an improvement.


IV drips can last anywhere from 15 minutes to 90 minutes.

IV therapy deliver vitamins directly into the bloodstream. Receiving vitamins through infusions allows the nutrients to bypass the digestive system directly into the bloodstream for a quicker vitality.

Some insurance may cover, depending on your medical needs. Consult with your insurance company to know if your insurance covers the specific IV therapy you want to have.