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Improving your health - holistically.

Our Mission

Dr. Jean Garant Mendoza, the founder of Long Life Clinic, is passionate about you feeling your best. He and his staff want to understand your entire well-being. By using a variety of tests and looking at all your symptoms, we want to find the root causes of your disease and come up with a treatment plan to fix it once and for all.

At Long Life Clinic we offer a variety of therapy-IV vitamins and detoxification strategies to help you feel your best.

  • IV Beauty
  • Brain boost IV
  • IV Detox
  • IV Hangover
  • IV Energy drip
  • IV Slim Shot


Besides IV therapies, Long Life Clinic also offers a variety of treatments and tests that we believe can help our patients be their healthiest selves.

Our Story


We are Therapy-IV Vitamin, Fast Detox Marbella Longevity medical clinic leader – dedicated to helping its patients to live a longer and healthier.

Our Team

Dr. Jean Garant Mendoza

Dr. Jean Garant Mendoza is the founder and owner of Long Life Clinic in Costa del Sol, Spain. He is Canadian by birth and speaks fluent French, Spanish and English. He studied medicine at the University of Medicine in Málaga, Spain, and is a fully licensed physician. Following a period of working in the hospital environment and as a GP/MD, Dr. Jean Garant became increasingly frustrated with the focus of modern medicine and the control exerted by powerful, multinational pharmaceutical companies. He realized there was a need for something different and decided to break away from this way of thinking. Dr. Jean Garant started to attend anti-aging conferences in the USA and throughout the world which helped to form the foundations of the knowledge he applies every day to the Long Life Clinic.


Advantages over conventional therapies, directly where they're needed


We specialize in natural hormone replacement therapy to help your body feel like itself again


Want an understanding of your body’s current age? We provide a combination of intracellular and hormonal tests to better understand emerging symptoms of diseases like premature menopause and diabetes


This therapy is a safe, effective, and inexpensive treatment to restore blood flow


Long Life Clinic Marbella

Long Life Clinic Therapy-IV Vitamin, Fast Detox Marbella is the only anti-aging clinic on the Costa del Sol, Spain dedicated to helping its patients to live a longer and healthier.


Long Life Clinic was established in 1991. Since then, it has helped hundreds of patients feel their best.

Long Life Clinic (LLC) is the only anti-aging clinic in Costa del Sol, Spain entirely dedicated to helping its patients to improve longevity with minimal chemical usage. Our approach is holistic – we look at all symptoms and environmental factors to better understand the cause of your issues. By using the appropriate tests we establish the root of your problem, and then treat it from the inside, out.

We are a leader in the delivery of Therapy-IV Vitamins and the rapid detox field– dedicated to helping its patients to live longer and healthier.

Patients and staff in the long life clinic
In the long life clinic