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Long Life Clinic is a pioneer in antiaging therapy, offering innovative treatments in the Costa del Sol since 1991. We have specially formulated injections containing antioxidants, vitamins and minerals; as well as photodynamic curcumin therapy, RNA therapy and adaptogenic herbs to optimice your human performance.

Our intravenous therapy reaches 100% concentration in blood instantly, bypassing intestinal absorption and hepatic metabolism. Our bottles are made of glass to avoid bisphenol, and we avoid magnetic fields as much as possible to keep the drug molecule perfectly intact.

Our medical team has a holistic approach, delivering the highest standard of care in light of the new scientific evidence in orthomolecular medicine. In combination with a thorough hormonal testing in dried urine, we deliver bioidentical hormonal therapy to achieve optimal endocrine function and improve general wellbeing, energy levels, and fertility. Additionally, we offer microbiome analysis and optimization.

Minimal use of chemicals since 1991

Pioneer in the Costa del Sol

Specialists in hormonal treatments

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Dr. Garant is the founder and owner of Long Life Clinic on the Costa del Sol, Spain. He is Canadian by birth and speaks fluent French, Spanish and English.