Hypothyroidism and Diabetes

Natural treatments that could control the damage and lead to good levels.

Two diseases have a common relationship: hypothyroidism and diabetes. Both are autoimmune diseases that attack the body’s healthy cells by mistake, affecting many parts of the body during its development.

However, there are, fortunately, natural treatments for these two diseases that could control the damage and lead to reasonable levels of both glucose and thyroid hormones. Therefore, we propose, for example, the use of:

Iodine for thyroid

The deficiency of iodine in the body increases the risk of thyroid cancer, leading to this autoimmune disease of the thyroid gland, also manifested in symptoms such as goiter and infertility in women when they stop ovulating.

Vitamin E and A for diabetes

The consumption of vitamin E and A is of great help for those with diabetes because these nutrients help reduce insulin resistance. Therefore, the pancreas begins to work in an orderly manner and with a disposition to achieve healthy changes in the organism.

Selenium for the thyroid

Selenium is an antioxidant micromineral that converts thyroxine (T4) and triiodothyronine (T3) in the body to get triiodothyronine to produce the correct amounts of hormonal secretions so that organs function optimally. Similarly, a supplement with vitamin E and vitamin C strengthens its medical action in treating this disease. Therefore, attending to the immune system counteracts the damages generated by hypothyroidism.

Vitamin C for diabetes

Vitamin C is essential for those with diabetes because this disease creates a deficiency of this type of nutrient in the body. Although vegetables and fruits, such as apples and bitter melons, can provide it, vitamin C stabilizes the function of the pancreas, an organ responsible for releasing insulin into the bloodstream. Thus, insulin is a hormone that opens the doors of cells so that glucose from food passes to the body and later becomes energy. It ensures that the muscles and tissues work.

Where can you get the hypothyroidism and diabetes treatment?