Natural Hormone Replacement

At Long Life Clinic, we specialize in Natural Therapy (bioidentical) Hormone Replacement.

We have a long history in Natural Therapy (bioidentical) Hormone Replacement with a high success rate in many conditions.

In the first phase, our specialists will perform blood hormone tests to establish the deficiencies. After, the specialist doctor will prescribe the most convenient treatment to compensate for the deficiencies detected in your body.

What are natural hormones?

Natural hormones, also known as bio-identical hormones, are identical at the molecular level to the hormones produced in our bodies.

What are the benefits of natural hormone replacement?

Bio-identical hormone therapy has increased over the past few years as women seek a more natural method to restore hormonal balance.

If you receive thyroid hormone therapy, you will notice that you no longer feel freezing cold or hot. Your bowel movements become more regular, and you may even notice relief from depression. However, there is a warning. Regardless of the hormones used as a supplement, you should always do so under careful medical supervision.

Hormones are potent and can create many problems if administered incorrectly

Progesterone: The hormone of welfare

Progesterone is the number one hormone that must be replaced in most women when they approach or go through menopause. Some doctors suggest that women without a uterus do not need progesterone, an incorrect statement.

The natural generation of progesterone eliminates menstrual pain, pre-menstrual syndrome, breast tenderness, menstrual migraines, and asthma. Avoid fibroids, endometriosis, and fibrocystic disease. It can stop hot flashes and osteoporosis and is a natural antidepressant treatment. It is one of the hormones responsible for the well-being of women. Progesterone is thermogenic – it helps to burn fat.

It can help prevent Alzheimer’s disease and is very good for the heart while restoring libido. Progesterone helps eliminate attention deficit disorder and is the number one hormone to lower insulin levels, which helps prevent obesity and, in adults, the onset of diabetes.

Where can you get the natural hormone replacement?