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The Best Home-Based IV Therapy
From Staff wth More Than 30 Years of Experience

By using medical procedures such as IV drip therapy, you can enjoy a long, active life, free of stress-related signs. The world which we live in today is contaminated by toxins and chemicals. Just doing your exercise and eating healthy isn’t enough any longer. It is the reason you must do more for your body and IV treatment is a fantastic solution. 

Get the experience of home IV therapy at its finest

Benefits of IV Therapy

Test Tube
Improved Energy & Overall wellness
Improved mental clarity & mood
Bio Hormones
Improved bodily health & strength of skin, hair & nails
Deeper More Fulfilling Sleep
Reduced Levels of Stress & anxiety
Improved immunity against diseases

How IV Drip Therapy Works

All medications and normal supplements need to be digested before being absorbed into the body system . However an IV drip supplies specific minerals and nutrients through your veins directly into your bloodstream. An IV drip bypasses the digestive tract, and gets the necessary substances precisely where it is needed, giving immediate relief and rejuvenation of cells.

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Dr. Garant is the founder and owner of Long Life Clinic on the Costa del Sol,
Spain. He is Canadian by birth and speaks fluent French, Spanish and English.

Explore the Multifaceted Use of IV Drip Therapy Anti-aging

We have a broad selection in vitamin IV drips and antioxidants. All of these infusions can slow the process of aging and assist your body in naturally recovering and repairing worn-out tissues.

Overall Health

Be done with sickness or fatigue with consistent and regular use of supplements, vitamins, and electrolyte infusions to boost your immune system and aid your body fight off any invaders.

Organ & Heart Care

Take advantage of our plaque IV therapy which is a combination of phospholipids and soybeans which can reduce blood pressure and cholesterol levels while also improving memory and renal performance. Take care of your health and ensure your future by undergoing our treatment now.


There is no need to make an appointment or stand in long lines before you enjoy the life-changing benefits from IV therapies. We can provide our services whenever you need it and when you are at ease.

Hangovers & Dehydration

Food poisoning, dehydration and hangovers can trigger headache, nausea stomach pain and many other health problems. The best cure for hangovers is Hydration IV. It provides immediate relief from these signs.

Our service is available to you anywhere and wherever you are in and around the local area. All you have to do is book your appointment with the Long Life Clinic home nurse and we’ll come to you! Our Nurses provide medical services and are available to administer to you at:

  • In the comfort of your own home.
  • Hotels if you’re on holiday.

What Can I Expect From a Home IV Drip?

  • Tested and trusted anti-aging treatment.
  • IV drip therapy is infused with minimal use of chemicals and is rich in antioxidants.
  • Bio-identical hormones.
  • Rapid restoration of health, you feel the effects immediately.
  • A wide selection of IV drips designed for your health needs.
  • An overall boost in your immune system.
  • Overall well-being and increase in energy.
  • Instant drip hydration to cure even the worst of hangovers.
  • Skilled nurses to provide the IV drip.