Cosmetic Treatments

This Cosmetic Treatments are not considered to be harmful to your body, and are highly effective in achieving the results they are geared towards.


Telomeres and Aging

Telomeres provide protection to the DNA as it replicates, and could play a vital role in longevity. Could the secret to longevity be at the tips of our chromosomes?


The Chelation Therapy

Chelation Therapy is a non-surgical treatment that opens the arteries and improves circulation to the heart, brain and muscles, is a red blood cells vein intervenous


Obesity Treatments

Obesity is associated with a risk of a number of diseases. Obesity treatments can help prevent such diseases. Obesity-related disease is preventable with weight loss.

“I first saw Dr John 7 years ago at that time I was in a wheelchair and had spent the previous 5 years in bed unable to watch TV, talk or read. My energy levels were non existant. After starting on a programme of intrevenous injections and suppements I started to feel a small amount of energy returning to my...
… after 1 month I took my first small steps from my wheelchair… – See more at:


Menopausal Symptoms and Treatment

Menopausal Symptoms and Treatment

Women go through two major body changes in their lives.  The first one is at puberty, when the menstrual cycle...

Depression in Women

Depression in Women

Depression is not a disease that can be generalized in one single definition.  Severity, human chemistry, hormones, genetics, environment, and...