Benefits and Uses of Glutathione

There are many glutathione benefits. It is an important antioxidant. due to this property, it is very important and widely used for different purposes. Glutathione is produced in the liver as a result of many biochemical reactions. It is considered as a by-product of reactions. It has many physiological uses.

Glutathione Benefits

As a booster of the immune system

The human body has a very complex and competent immune system. If there is any defect it can lead to fatal diseases like AIDS. That is why maintenance of an intact immune system is very important. Glutathione has a role in it. It boosts up the immune system of the human body. Supplements for glutathione are used to treat defects in the immune system. This is a prime function of glutathione.

In the prevention of cancer

Reducing the amounts of free radicles formed in the body is another prominent function of glutathione. These free radicles are very dangerous. They promote the growth of cancerous cells. Glutathione reduces the number of free radicles in the body which decreases the incidence of cancer in the body. Due to this function, it is also used to treat many skin diseases like rash and skin cancer. It is also used in the treatment of lung cancer.

Routes of intake

Glutathione is used for the treatment of many diseases. That is why it is given in the form of injections. There is a specific dose for the particular disease. This is called the intravenous route. Moreover, it is also available in the form of tablets. It depends upon the type of disease and the system the doctor want to approach. IV route is the most efficient route of intake. Glutathione can also be inhaled in the treatment of lung diseases.


Besides glutathione benefits are many. It is considered as a safe compound and is used in the treatment of many diseases. But there are certain cases where glutathione intake is not safe or is monitored precisely. Pregnant women are not allowed to take glutathione supplements. Even during the period of breastfeeding, this should be avoided. Moreover, the persons with asthamatic history should also avoid glutathione. Glutathione enhances the symptoms of asthma and it can prove fatal unless treated promptly.


Glutathione is present naturally in the body as formed by the liver. It is also found in fruits and vegetables. Meat is also a natural source of glutathione.

Maintenance of glutathione levels

Glutathione has an important role in maintaining the health it is critical to maintaining the normal glutathione levels in the body. If you are having glutathione deficiency in diseases like Hepatitis and cirrhosis, supplements are usually advised. Low levels of glutathione can lead to decreased immunity which in turn increases the risk of infections. It can cause skin diseases. That is why precise levels should be maintained.


Glutathione is an important and potent antioxidant. It reduces the free radicles which re very destructive for the human body. Glutathione is formed in the liver but can also be obtained by fruits and vegetables. Supplements are also available. Doctors also prescribe glutathione injections in order to treat many diseases. It has the main role in the prevention of cancer which makes it a useful tool. It should be avoided in pregnancy and asthma patients as it can aggravate the situation. Overall the levels of glutathione should be maintained in the body.



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