"We were told heart surgery was inevitable…

My husband was told to have a by-pass operation about 5 yrs ago, he is/has been a heart patient for more than 30 years. But as he opposes to even enter a hospital, he would not hear of such an operation and started to search Internet for an alternative.

He found CHELATION THERAPY and was very excited about reading the good reports. However, we could not find an experienced doctor for chelation therapy here in Portugal and so we found Dr. JOHN GARANT MENDOZA in Marbella, Spain.

At the time my husband was unable to climb 2 flights of stairs without having to put a nitroglycerine tablet under his tongue, besides his other heart medications.

After the chelation therapy with Dr.John my husband is feeling fitter, healthier and happier and he plays tennis twice a week, golf also twice a week (walks 9 holes – for 18 we take a buggy!) Since about a year we are taking “maintenance” chelation treatment about once a month. I myself go along with my husband and have chelation as a prevention method.

We both feel wonderfully fit (my husband is 71 and I am 69 yrs young) and are very happy with Dr. John`s advice, help and treatment and also with his good humor! Thank you so much, Dr. John.»

Thea and Fred Van Oostveen, Portugal
"After 1 month I took my first small steps from my wheelchair…

I first saw Dr John 7 years ago at that time I was in a wheelchair and had spent the previous 5 years in bed unable to watch TV, talk or read. My energy levels were non existant.

After starting on a programme of intrevenous injections and suppements I started to feel a small amount of energy returning to my body after 1 month I took my first small steps from my wheelchair.

I was an extreme case for Dr John to take on but with my determination and his guidence I am now able to live a full happy life. I am on all the biodentical hormones which have helped me tremendously and much better than taking the HRT that I had been on for 9 years.

I cannot say what finding Dr John has done for my health words fail me, but thank you for the wonderful life that I now have.»

Janice George, England
"Finally found a doctor who understood me…

Before I started treatment with Dr. Garant, the quality of my life had diminished considerably over the last couple of years. I had been seeking treatment options here in southern Spain and was pretty desperate for a solution.

Most of the doctors I contacted had no clue about the value of bio-identical hormones, even got annoyed with me for suggesting there was something they were not familiar with. Dr. John Garant is one of the very few I was able to finally find who not only understood me, but had plenty of further, cutting-edge information, that was new to me, and that has made all the difference. I’m not taking any chemicals, and yet the quality of my life has been infinitely enhanced.»

Gabriella Kortsch, Ph.D., CHT, Spain
"So my message is a big ‘thank you’!

I am writing to you today because I thought Mr Garant would be interested to know the experiences I have had since my last communication with you. I am hoping he will find this information useful for any future customers etc.

After receiving my stool results from you and experiencing a couple of times during August when I experienced uncomfortable gut pain and days of diarrhoea, I took my stool test results to my doctor in the UK for her to look at because my blood test results suggested I was anaemic. She then sent me for a colonoscopy and this procedure found a large (2cm) polyp, this has since proved to be cancerous.
I am having half of my large bowel removed next Tuesday as the tumour is on the corner of the accending colon and the traverse.

My main reason for contacting Mr Garant is to say I feel very lucky/grateful that I had this stool test done and I believe the results have allowed my tumour to be found sooner than later.

This is important to me because I have been for many months prior to having my stool test done, telling my doctor and other medical professionals that my health is not what I feel it should be and I feel this process would have continued for months further.

So my message is a big ‘Thank you’!»

Vicki Braithwait, United Kingdom