IV colloidal silver to eliminate bacterial infection

Colloidal solutions are also called suspensions. The material in the colloid is suspended between the liquid. It is more like a semi-solid state. Colloidal solutions are of profound importance in medical treatments. Different elements are used in the form of colloidal solutions to treat many diseases. They are mainly used in eradicating infections. In the trauma center, they are used as the volume expander. It depends upon the elements present in them.

Importance of IV dose

IV route is the fastest route of drug administration. It is also effective in fluid replacement emergencies. In the trauma center, it is very effective. About 99% of the emergency cases require IV administration. It directly adds the medication in the system. Blood is the perfect transporter of materials. It perfuses every organ. The IV treatment directly deals with blood, so it is the most effective route of administration.

Colloidal silver to treat common colds

Colloidal silver to treat common cold

Colloidal silver is a suspension containing silver. Silver has many medical uses. It is available in both forms i.e oral intake and sprays. It is a very famous and old remedy against the common cold. Although it treats the common cold it has a role in maintaining the normal health.

Against bacterial infections

Bacterial cold and rhinitis are very common infections. The infectious agents involved are Staphylococcus and Streptococcus species. Silver colloid, when given in IV, has profound effects on this treatment. This is the most common bacterial infection. It works through many mechanisms. One of them is to prevent the catalytic oxidation. It holds on to oxygen to react with bacteria and viruses which prevents the formation of free radicles. This eventually leads to normal health.

Moreover, it has the ability to bind to the bacterial membrane. This leads to disruption and eventually, the bacteria die. Theses tactics eradicate the infection completely. It is a very useful anti-bacterial and anti-microbial agent.

In emergency cases where there is exposure to bacteria due to tear or laceration IV colloidal silver is provided.

It also has a prominent role in treating the skin wounds and infections. It accelerates the healing. It is effective to all type of infections like eczema and ringworm.

Colloidal silver also treats otitis media (infection of the ear). This infection is mostly bacterial in origin. That is why it is effectively treated with colloidal silver. IV infusions are the best.

Pink eye is an acute infection of the eye. For the immediate treatment silver colloidal is available. It eradicates the bacteria by combating them and soon all the infection is gone.

Silver colloidal also works as an anti-inflammatory agent. It treats the superficial skin inflammations within 72 hours. Silver colloidal also treat the patients of pneumonia and asthma. All these uses make it a miracle solution. It treats many acute reactions. That is why it is provided in IV form.


Colloids are always very useful for medical purposes especially silver colloidal solution. It has many uses. It is provided in IV form so it readily enters the systemic circulation. It is readily provided to patients in the emergency in immediate treatment. The silver colloid is very effective in treating bacterial infection including common cold, rhinitis, otitis media and skin problems. It is also an anti-inflammatory agent. Pneumonia and asthma patients are also given silver colloid in acute cases.



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