Prons and Cons of Silver Colloidal

Silver Colloid is very useful for the human body. They are given in order to maintain the homeostasis. This form of the solution is very effective. Plasma colloids are of great medical importance. They are given in hypoperfused persons. Silver colloidal solutions are very famous. they are effective in many aspects. Silver is not considered essential for the human body. But when it is given in colloidal form it can serve the body in various functions.


The silver colloidal solution can work as an antiseptic. It has the ability to kill the germs. This is done by a protein disruption mechanism. The replication of germs depends upon their protein factory. Silver in the colloidal form has the ability to bind to the proteins. When the protein factory is occupied germs will not replicate. This will lead to the eradication of infection. 


The silver colloidal solution has a broad spectrum anti-bacterial function. That is why it can be used in the treatment of many common bacterial infections. It is taken both orally and intravenously.


This solution has an anti-fungal effect too. It is used in the treatment of oral fungal infections. These drops can also be applied topically.

In the treatment of eye infections

Silver colloidal drops are used for the treatment of eye infections. They are very effective and cures the inflammation. Primary infections like conjunctivitis can be treated with silver colloidal drops. It also cures the redness of the eye. This is most effective in newborns.

Skin diseases

The silver colloidal solution can also be applied to the skin. It is very effective in treating the itch and rashes. This solution is also effective in treating the wounds. The wounds can be of burns and lacerations. It is also helpful in treating dermatitis (infection of the skin).


Although it is a safe remedy it is contraindicated in pregnancy. Moreover, the breastfeeding mothers should also avoid this. Silver may cross the placenta and cause damage to the fetus. It can cause many congenital abnormalities.


Chronic use of silver colloidal solutions can lead to a condition called “argyria”. In this condition, there is deposition of silver in the skin giving it a blue appearance. this can be irritating. That is why chronic use should be avoided.

They can cause congenital anomalies in newborns.

This solution can also affect the brain function by crossing the blood-brain barrier. The person may show neurological symptoms. It can also get deposited in meninges.

There is some incidence of silver allergy. Some users experience the rash or allergic symptoms.

Recommended route of intake

The silver colloidal solution works better when applied on skin than taken orally. Oral intake is not well-appreciated.


In order to sum up silver colloidal solution has a prime role in treating infections. It works as a germicide by disrupting the protein machinery. It also has a broad spectrum of antibacterial action. This prevents many diseases. It also treats the eye infections in newborns.

Silver colloidal is contraindicated in pregnancy s it has the ability to cross the placental barrier. It also causes neurological symptoms by crossing the blood-brain barrier. Oral intake is not preferred in silver colloidal solutions. It is better to apply it topically. Chronic silver intake can cause a blue colored skin condition called argyria.



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